If you missed my show with Kathy Garland on Radio Diva Toolbook last night, you can watch it here on BlogTalkRadio. Although the title of the show was Marketing From Your Office, what we really talked about was content marketing and social media, my passion(s) and the mission of IdeaPioneer Media.

We started out talking about the importance of creating fresh, unique content to establish your “authority” in your market, which lead to a great question from the audience (thanks Wendy) relating to having a unique clear message & brand, which then lead to getting out there, which lead us to social media. We also talked about how this new way of engaging with your customers turns the traditional marketing funnel on it’s head. Brain Solis, a new media guru, talks about that very thing in this videoand how “consumers are now in full control of defining their own experiences”.

I promised to follow up the call with information on a few things I mentioned last night. So here’s 3 simple content marketing search tips that will help you track, and find out more about, content in your business area.

  1. Use Google Alerts to track the conversation about your business and topic daily, and then share the information on your social media platforms. For example: tracking “Fiction for pre-teens” and variations of this let you know who’s saying what about your topic. Comment on an author’s blog, tweet the article, and let it spark new ideas for content of your own.
  2. Twitter Search is now 2nd in usage to Google search, which means “huge”. You can use search.twitter.comto find out what your audience is interested in and engage with them about it. Tag line is “See What’s Happening Right Now”. So do.
  3. Delicious“bookmarks” sites that people are looking at on the web. You can look at hotlists, explore tags, and search for content on the web. This is user generated (users sign up and create their bookmarks), and it gives you tons of info on content all over the web.

To get more information on content marketing and social media, listen to the show and join us in a conversation on twitter. If you haven’t already started to engage in and explore what people are talking about in your area of business, make sure you check out Google Alerts, Twitter Search, and Delicious. These are just three of many tools that will help with your customer knowledge and engagement. Sign up receive more information here about using content marketing to grow your business.

Leslie Mock is CEO of the Content Marketing and Social Media company IdeaPioneer Media.