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I’m Leslie Mock, MBA. I have a brain that loves words and also understands business. In just a few minutes I can see what your business should be doing and saying with your marketing, but isn’t. IPM has over ten years of experience providing a full range of marketing services to small business from start-ups to small businesses.

We’re really good at working with a range of industries and setting strategy to get companies moving quickly forward. If you’re looking for the latest in social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM and branding, we’d love to talk to you. Sign up at the right and get started right away.


blur About

In this mock interview my cat Gus played the part of the fat cat business owner (part of this is not a stretch). Then he slept got back to work.

Gus: What exactly do you do all day with that thing that you stare at and poke? I’ve slept on it and it does keep you warm, but what’s the fascination?

The best way to think of what I do is that I that see things about your business marketing that you don’t. That means I can give you a unique angle on how to stand out from the crowd using words, content and the right marketing. I’m able to dig deep quickly and see what’s really unique about your business and then communicate that to the world in a new way.

So you love that thing more than me? There’s times no matter how I try to stare a hole in your head, you just won’t get up. 

Don’t be silly, but I do love this work. It’s like picking up a novel I’ve never read every time I work with a new client. No matter what the business or industry, I am able to quickly draw out what makes you unique and then create the best most meaningful/fun way to communicate that to your customers.

What is this word you say “businesses”? Who are they and will they steal my treats?

They are good people who know that content is the key to marketing, but are too busy running a business or organization to figure it out and do the work themselves. Plus, they need someone with a fresh pair of eyes who can see things about their marketing that they don’t or can’t.

How do you know all this? Wait. There’s something on the rug over there. You can’t see it? I’ll get it. 

Well, years before you arrived I studied English. Then I got an MBA. Then I wrote all sorts of things from short stories to grant proposals to successful marketing plans. I also ran marketing departments and then started my own eCommerce business. From there I helped start ups and small businesses with their marketing and content. I’m also a Certified Inbound Marketer. You could say I have a lot of experience in the process of knowing how to get to what a business needs marketing-wise no matter what the industry.

I never knew a cat could be so smart. I’m tired. Put that thing away and brush me. 

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