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Is E-Mail a Sharing Machine?

phone2 250x166 Is E mail a Sharing Machine?

Seems like my radar has been picking up a lot about email marketing lately and the fact that it’s still a very viable marketing tool, especially a social media marketing tool. It seems that when it comes to sharing content, email still beats out every other channel.

This study by AOL found that 66% of people use email to share content (published content including articles, videos, photos, etc.). And it wasn’t just the old folks (aka AOL users…sorry but who else uses AOL anymore) who still use email to share, the 66% spanned demographics in both age and gender.

One of my favorite copywriters wrote this recently Is E-mail Old-Fashioned ,which cites a new study that found business leaders still choose e-mail marketing as the top area of investment growth (65%).

Before I’d even read these two pieces I’d decided that I was going to dust off and pump up my email marketing newsletter efforts. I started my online marketing career, like many, using email marketing and I still have a soft place in my heart for it.

So maybe I’m old-fashioned or maybe my radar -is- picking up on an old “new” trend. In any case, it’s pretty clear that “sharing” is not just for Facebook or Twitter.

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