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Get Your Business on Google+

Breaking News: Google+ Now Open to Businesses and Organizations

Time to Dive In

If you hang out in the geek world like I do, you’d know that there’s been mounting pressure for Google+ to allow businesses and organizations to create G+ Profiles. (Until now, it’s only been open to individuals and a few large corporations).

And now –  It’s Here! Late yesterday Google+ pushed the doors wide open and now you can create and claim your business’ or organization’s page.

Just go to Google+ Create a Page, fill out the information, and your business is up on Google+. Pretty simple really.

I know a number of you are still on the fence about joining Google+. And I sent out a post why you should be on Google+ a few weeks ago.

lace fence1 Get Your Business On Google+

Get Off the Fence

So why do I recommend you schedule an hour or less this week to set up your businesses Google+ page and start engaging? Because as one of the top, very tip-top, social media and business experts, Guy Kawasaki, says, “It’s a land grab”. 

Remember when you first started hearing about Twitter and thought “What’s That?”…”How Could that Possibly Be Useful to Me?”

Ever wish you’d jumped in then instead of waiting until it was like pulling teeth to get more than a handful of followers? Although I started on Twitter when it first launched, I let my account languish over the years. I wish I’d paid just a bit more attention to the huge audience out there when there was less attention for their eyeballs.

Today – followers = leads for your business. Important leads. Customers. Revenue. A growing business.

Like it or not, marketing has changed tremendously in the last few years and waiting until everyone else catches on to something (or you do) won’t help people find you or the fantastic product or service you have to offer. And that would be a shame.

I’m not recommending you jump on every new thing out there. But Google+ has significantly more behind it than a couple of kids working out of a dorm room.

So schedule in 30 minutes this week to get your business page up and start poking around google +.

Screen shot 2011 10 04 at 3.43.03 PM Get Your Business On Google+

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